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. biojava : Open-source java tools for processing biological data
. boinc-simap : Similarity Matrix of Proteins project for BOINC
. distribfold : distributedfolding.org distributed protein folding project
. p5-Bio-Phylo : Phylogenetic analysis using perl
. genpak : A set of small utilities to manipulate DNA sequences
. treeviewx : A phylogenetic tree viewer
. libgenome : Toolkit for developing bioinformatic related software in C++
. adun : Molecular Simulator for GNUstep
. lsysexp : A GTK based program for viewing and creating L-system fractals
. xmolwt : Calculate formula weight and percent of each element for a given formula
. gff2ps : Converts gff-formated genomic data-sets to PostScript
. L-Breeder : Allows you to display and breed L-system forms
. povchem : Simple yet powerful tool to generate POV from a PDB file
. psi88 : Plotting wavefunctions (molecular orbitals) in 3D
. primer3 : Primer3 helps to choose primers for PCR reactions
. ortep3 : The Oak Ridge Thermal Ellipsoid Plot Program for Crystal Structure
. p5-Bio-Das : Client-side library for Distributed Genome Annotation System
. p5-Bio-ASN1-EntrezGene : Regular expression-based Perl Parser for NCBI Entrez Gene
. pymol : Free and Open-Source molecular modeling system
. ruby-bio : Integrated environment for Bioinformatics written in Ruby
. lagan : Efficient tools for large-scale multiple alignments of genomic DNA
. fastdnaml : Faster DNAML, makes phylogenetic trees using maximum likelihood
. seqio : A set of C functions which can read/write biological sequence files
. tRNAscan-SE : An improved tool for transfer RNA detection
. ariadne : Programs to compare protein sequences and profiles
. finchtv : A chromatogram trace viewer
. p5-bioperl : A collection of Perl modules for bioinformatics
. p5-bioperl-run : Wrapper modules for common bioinformatics tools
. fluctuate : A program to fit population models
. recombine : A program to fit population models across sites
. py-biopython : A collection of Python modules for bioinformatics
. garlic : Molecular viewer, editor and visualization program
. p5-bioperl-devel : A collection of Perl modules for bioinformatics (developer release)
. p5-bioperl-run-devel : Wrapper modules for common bioinformatics tools (developer release)
. chemeq : Outputs LaTeX code for chemical reaction
. coalesce : A program to fit population models
. babel : Converts among various molecular file formats
. biococoa : Bioinformatics framework
. xdrawchem : Chemical drawing program
. p5-AcePerl : Perl5 interface to the ACEDB genome database system
. dna-qc : A quality control algorithm for DNA sequencing projects
. grappa : Genome Rearrangements Analysis and Phylogeny Software
. blast : WU BLAST, a software package for sequence similarity searches
. act : A DNA sequence comparison viewer based on Artemis
. gperiodic : Displays a periodic table of the elements
. flip : Flip is used to find/translate orfs
. clustalw : CLUSTAL W Multiple Sequence Alignment Program
. protomol : OO, component based, framework for molecular dynamics (MD) simulations
. jalview : A viewer and editor for multiple sequence alignments
. lamarc : A package of programs for computing population parameters
. deft : Density functional molecular orbital calculation
. wise : Intelligent algorithms for DNA searches
. belvu : A viewer for multiple sequence alignments
. hmmer : Profile hidden Markov models for biological sequence analysis
. crimap : Creation of multilocus linkage maps
. avida : Avida is an auto-adaptive genetic system designed for ALife research
. migrate : A program to estimate population sizes and migration rates
. rasmol : Fast Molecular Visualization Program
. dotter : A viewer for multiple sequence alignments
. sim4 : An algorithm for aligning expressed DNA with genomic sequences
. seaview : Multiple DNA/protein sequence alignment editor
. gmap : A Genomic Mapping and Alignment Program for mRNA and EST Sequences
. ncbi-toolkit : NCBI development toolkit, including BLAST 2 and GenBank/Entrez support
. platon : Tool for viewing molecular/crystallographic structures
. fasta : A collection of programs for searching DNA and protein databases
. emboss : A collection of open source tools for genetic sequence analysis
. embassy : A collection of contributed EMBOSS applications
. mrbayes : Bayesian inference of phylogeny
. paml : Phylogenetic Analysis by Maximum Likelihood (PAML)
. mummer : A modular system for rapid whole genome alignment
. phylip : A Phylogeny Inference Package
. spdbv : Deep View Swiss-PdbViewer is a Protein viewer and analysis tool
. blat : A fast tool for local sequence similarity searches
. fasta3 : A collection of programs for searching DNA and protein databases
. nclever : NClever is a character-based version of NCBI's Entrez program
. tinker : A general purpose molecular modelling package
. molden : Display molecular orbitals and electron densities in 2D and 3D
. t_coffee : A multiple DNA or protein sequence alignment package
. linux-foldingathome : Distributed client for Protein Folding
. nab : A language for macromolecules
. treepuzzle : Maximum likelihood phylogeny reconstruction using quartets
. mafft : Multiple sequence alignments based on fast Fourier transform
. kinemage : A molecular visualization program with special functions
. mopac : Semi-empirical (MNDO, etc.) molecular orbital calculation
. artemis : A DNA sequence viewer and annotation tool

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