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XVmines is a simple minesweeper game for X Window System. xvmines creates a rectangle on the screen, divided into equally sized cells. Each cell may contain a mine (hence the name xvmines), contain a number indicating the number of mines present in the 8-neighboring cells or be empty. Initially, all cells are covered with tiles. A tile can be removed, uncovering the cell below, by clicking the left mouse button on it. In addition,a cell can be marked as containing a mine by clicking the right mouse button on it. Note however that marking a cell as containing a mine does not necessarily mean that the cell really contains a mine! Clicking the middle mouse button on a tile, marks it with a question mark, acting as a reminder mechanism. The user can use the numbers in the uncovered cells to find (or sometimes guess ...) which cells contain mines and which do not. A game ends when all cells not containing mines have been uncovered and all cells containing mines have been marked, or when a cell containing a mine is uncovered.