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JC is a Java virtual machine implementation that converts class files into C source files using the Soot Java bytecode analysis framework, compiles them with GCC, and loads them using a built-in ELF object file loader. JC utilizes the GNU Classpath class library and provides a fairly complete Java runtime including sophisticated optimizations to increase runtime performance. JC also includes a bytecode interpreter, and supports execution in either or mix ed modes. Although JC has good interpreter performance, JC doesn't try to be fast in every situation. Instead, JC focuses on this question: how fast can we go if we know some or all of the class files ahead of time? The answer is: very fast! Optimizations that are just too complex and expensive to perform at runtime are instead performed at code generation time. JC's code generator is written in Java, using the powerful Soot bytecode analysis framework. When combined with the proven power of GCC's C optimizer the results are impressive. As an additional benefit, JC contains very little architecture-specific code and is highly portable.