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The Java Servlet Development Kit (JSDK) can be used to develop and test server extensions based on the servlet API. Included is a standalone server (called servletrunner) that can be used to test servlets before running them in a servlet-enabled web server. The JSDK serves as the reference implementation for the Java Servlet API. This release will run on top of JDK 1.1.x. If you are interested in developing servlets with JDK 1.2, there is no need to use this JSDK as the servlet API is bundled with JDK1.2. Please note that the source code for the servlet API is released with this package. Files included in the JSDK: README this file bin/servletrunner.exe ServletRunner (on Win32 systems only) bin/servletrunner ServletRunner (on UNIX systems only) lib/jsdk.jar javax.servlet and sun.servlet classes src javax.servlet class sources doc tutorial and api documentation examples example servlets